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How it works

Studio Rishi imports products produced by SOS Organics in Almora, India in the Uttarakhand region. The products are produced from ingredients that are grown on the land where the products are made. SOS organics employs local woman to work in the production of these products. SOS provides the highest standards in working conditions and care of their employees.

The proceed from each purchase are funneled back to Uttarakhand, India to fund the education of youth and grow community through the employment of woman. 

The Trust

Rishi Woman and Children’s trust began with the support and generosity of close friends, friends of friends and family members.  The trust was established in 2017, inspired by our director’s years in India volunteering with women and children in various NGO’s. She saw a need for greater support of the existing NGO’s and the woman and children of Uttarakhand. With this imperative in mind, Rishi Woman and Children’s trust was born.


Rishi Trust Board of Directors

Payal Narang -  Director

Nan Singh

Jesse Waldin

Nisha Narang

Pooja Narang


Rishi Vyas Dev Ji  Painting

Our TRUST & Rishi Vyas Dev Ji

In 1915, in Vyas Dev was born in Peshawar, Pakistan the son of an Honorary Magistrate. He received his M.A. in Mathematics from a college in Lahore.

In 1938 Vyas Dev, disenfranchised with the materialistic way of life, became a devotee of Baba Buta Singh Ji and the Narinkari Mission. His faith grew from a deep desire to know the Truth. For his true devotion, Vyas Dev came to be known as Rishi Vyas Dev Ji and devoted himself to the service of his community.

It’s from Rishi Vyas Dev Ji that Rishi Woman’s and Children’s Trust proudly takes its name.



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